Monday, May 30, 2011

More Industriousness

It's sorta' scary how many irons I have in the fire right now. For me, anyway. Some people can do a million things at once and make it look easy, but not me. If too much comes my way, I cower at the thought of completing tasks.

Given that, then, I have to say I am really surprised by this sudden burst of energy I have stumbled upon. The tasks have been manageable, but numerous, and I am feeling "purty durn proud" of the finishes off my sewing machine!

The 16-patch pillow is now complete, and working quite nicely in the family room.

Here it is with the previous pillow. The one in the foreground is fabric from the Luna Notte line; the 16-patch is fabric from the Aviary line (I think). (These were leftover charm squares from another project, and I don't think I have the wrapper any long. I will have to investigate further to see if I'm correct.)

I am now finishing off the Luna Notte table topper with some hand-quilting. It should be finished this evening or tomorrow, at the latest. Then it will need a quick binding. I hope to have it adorning my coffee table by Sunday.

The big target date for all the cleaning, sewing, cooking and general sprucing up is Sunday - the day of our graduation party for Emma. This area is BIG into it's graduation parties. Some folks go all out. We are probably going more overboard than we should. Are graduation parties a big deal in other parts of the country? In other countries? I would love to know how others celebrate a high school graduation.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. More loveliness!
    Great plants too. What a great idea your local nursery has.
    I can't say if Graduation parties are so huge around here. We are on #4 and we've always had an open house with lots of food. This year it's cold cuts and all the trimmings for making your own sandwiches, wings, fruit, chips...etc. Last year we had a taco bar. I always pray for nice weather since we like to set everything up outside and throw open our French doors off the kitchen.
    You never have said what your plans are for the party.


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