Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Container Gardening Happiness

A garden center about 30 minutes from here offers a really neat service. Maybe other places do this, but I've not heard of it. Gardeners can bring their clean pots and planters and right there in the greenhouse, they can fill their pots with good potting soil and flowers. Then the garden center folks will load up all the potted containers and move them into one of their greenhouses for safekeeping until the customer is ready for them!

Back in mid-April, my DH and I took 27 pots of varying sizes to this garden center. We'd looked online at some suggested flower combinations, and we selected a few of our favorites. In the course of about 3 hours, with the wonderful help of the staff, we planted all 27 pots. After nearly 6 weeks in a greenhouse with proper water and TLC, they really thrived! This weekend, we picked them up (it took 3 trips!), and have them distributed around our house. They look wonderful!

I've got flowery gorgeousness on my front porch, my sidewalk, at my garage door, at the back porch, and out in the yard. It is just so nice to have such great looking flowers. With no less than 3 events we are preparing for this month, we felt it was worth the splurge to go this route and insure that we will have the place looking spiffy! All we need to do is to be vigilant about watering, deadheading, and fertilzing.

What is pictured in these 3 snapshots are 19 of the 27 pots. We just put them all in one spot near the garage door when we unloaded them so that we could take our time deciding where we would put them all. Still at the garden center were the remaining 8 pots. I will get them all placed, and go around with the camera for tomorrow's post.

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  1. wow what a service I wish I had some where like that to help me chose flowers! they look beautiful
    enjoy them


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