Thursday, May 5, 2011

Looking Forward

To a fun shopping day tomorrow, that is. I am lucky enough to live close to Amish country in Ohio - about 3 hours away. This weekend is the big anniversary sale for Mrs. Miller's in Charm, OH. Friends and former co-workers (we are all retired now!) will join me on a day's adventure to Amish country. I've looked forward to this for about 6 weeks, now. We made plans early!!

This is a shot from their website. It's a very extensive selection, for sure. I will no doubt do good things for the economy in Charm, OH. :)

The work on the batik purple and gold continues. No new pics to share, but I will have, I promise. These blocks are just too fun to make - I have to share the fun!

I follow several quilting blogs, as most bloggers do. One has struck a chord with many bloggers, myself included. Check out this call for pillowcases from Brown Quilts. I think quilters from around the country (and even around the globe) will heed the call from Carol. It's both a tragic and heartwarming story all wrapped into one! Prepare to become emotional. Really. If you ever felt like helping with a worthy cause, IMO, there could be few more worthy than this one!

Happy Quilting, Friends.


  1. You must do your part in helping the economy! Wish I with you to help!!

  2. Have a wonderful day - how very noble of you to put yourself through that just to help the economy! As for the pillowcases, I am in too, I just need to buy some suitable fabrics now.

  3. I hope your trip was great fun and that you did your part to help the area economy. We quilters are great at that.
    Thanks for the connection re: the pillowcases. I also offered to help.


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