Monday, May 2, 2011

I've Done It Again

While the prom dress was at the drycleaners for pressing, I succumbed to one of my weaknesses: I started a book. Over 600 pages in 2 days - it was a fantastic read. I'm late to the discussion of this book, as it's been out since 2008!

For 30 years as a high school English teacher, promoting the love of reading was a priority objective. Turning teenagers on to the wonders of a good book was almost a crusade for me and my friend/colleague Sharon. We expounded the virtues of being captured in a good book. I spent a small fortune on paperbacks to stock my classroom shelves. Students borrowed on the honor system, but still, many books never found their way back to the shelves. We (Sharon and I) talked about books, kept lists, shared articles and reviews, recommended titles - anything we could to entice reluctant teens to open a book and allow themselves to be whisked away! Every Friday was reading day, and we brought our own books to read, letting them see us engrossed in a fascinating read. I know I personally have been moved to tears while reading as well as laughing uncontrollably - all in front of a classroom full of teens. I really think they need to see the emotional nature of reading. We wanted them to see and experience the magic that reading an amazing book will produce. Many of them did, fortunately. Some never did take the plunge, but perhaps the seed was planted and someday in their lives that seed will begin to grow and blossom. Hopefully, my love of reading was enough to nurture the notion in their subconscious - just waiting to thrive.

Since retiring, my reading has taken a serious backseat to my quilting. I used to read a lot more voraciously than I do now. I'm lucky to read just one book per month - the book club selection, and that's it! I was a better reader when I taught and had less time!

Now my free time is taken up with quilting pursuits. Not a bad thing, either, to my way of thinking. *wink, wink*

Next up? I'm either going to pick up the 2nd Larsson book, or begin a quilt . . .


  1. Greetings from Heidelberg. Relaxing and catching up with some of my favorite ladies. Prom dress looked lovely. Well done!

    I was a middle school English teacher and also loved our Fridays of "free reading" days now and then. Unfortunately, middle school students didn't seem to pick up the love and joy of reading from those days.
    I don't read as much as I used to either. Quilting takes up my free time now, but a book is always sitting nearby by, just in case.

  2. it looks like you started a quilt......;)


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