Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Reveal

With the possible exception of a couple more throw pillows, and plants, of course, the screened porch is finished. I stepped out there this morning (before breakfast and still in my nightgown!) to take these pictues. The shadows you see are from the sun peeking through the tree tops.

The bench under this bench pad is a very old family piece. I bought it at the auction of my paternal grandfather's estate sale. He had it in his barn, and I believe he made it. Maybe my dad or my uncle made it, if not Grandpa. Anyway, it's 8 feet long, and still quite sturdy. I made the bench pad of an assortment of blue and yellow fat quarters.

The fabric used on the seat cushions for the settee, chair and bench were all purchased last year. I just never got around to making the slipcovers. In the meantime, the original cushions got really gross, so I pitched them, bought foam, cut it to size, and made the slipcovers yesterday. This fabric has a more tropical feel to it, especially the floral, as opposed to the French-themed feel of the rest of the fabrics. I intend to leave the seat cushions in place all summer; while the tablecloth will come in for protection from day-to-day elements. I am going to be okay with the mixed messages sent by these two styles, tropical and French. The color combination of blue and yellow will make it okay, in my opinion. (I'm not a purist, then, and I'm quite practical.)


  1. What a lovely space! I'm sure you will love it this summer.

  2. It's beautiful, and blue and yellow always works, whatever the "theme".

  3. What a terrific room and so pretty! Nice decorating!!

  4. I love your porch. How I would enjoy going there every morning. It's so soothing in the early sunlight. You're a fortunate girl.


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