Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just Pluggin' Away

With crazy, busy activities and crazy, busy days. It's definitely hard to get much sewing done when there's a high school senior in the house. Graduation is coming up Friday night. This evening we had the choral and theatre departments' awards program, Curtain Call. Emma brought home quite a lot of hardware as she was recognized for both her singing and acting. *smiling proudly* It was a bittersweet event - so proud and also a bit sad to see the great times of high school ending. She's our youngest, so we are in for some adjusting in the coming months.

Here she is, "acting" silly with her bf Geoffrey. You can see her awards as well as that prom dress from last month. That's a nice bonus, having a second function to which the prom dress can be worn. This is a very dressy awards event, meant to mimic the Academy Awards.

So, to the sewing: yesterday was Sewing with Sharon. Remember how I mentioned a month or so back, that we are so close that we read each other's minds and finish each other's sentences? Well, at the last minute I was grabbing fabric and I pulled out Luna Notte to use yesterday, and when I got to her house, guess who had a fat quarter bundle of Luna Notte on her table??? Yes, Sharon did. It's just uncanny how we seem to be on the same wavelength. Here's the bottom row of Sharon's quilt:

I worked on some pillow tops for my screened porch and a table topper. All patterns are from various Thimbleberries books. I find when I need to finish something quickly with very little fuss, Thimbleberries is my go-to choice. I have made dozens of her patterns over the years.

This the center of a table topper using Luna Notte fat quarters. The pattern is in the book called Laura's Garden. This table topper will be used on the coffe table in our family room.

This is an 18" pillow top. There are a total of 4, all matching. I am going with a blue and yellow color scheme on my screened porch this summer, and these pillows will go in the chairs that go with the dining table. I've used fabrics from my stash, and while I will concede that the paisley is dramatic, the yellow floral is whimsical, and the center block falls somewhere in between, I just went with it - grabbed the fabric I had on hand and began cutting.

I need to get back to work. Gotta put those pillow cases together, and finish off that table topper.

Happy quilting, Friends!


  1. Congrats to your daughter!!

    I love the pillows covers you are making. The center looks very French. That is always a winning color combination.

  2. When the last child leaves high school, that's definitely a change for parents, especially for those who went to sports events, concerts, shows or competition of any sort. I went through major withdrawal. I tried going to volleyball matches or concerts the next year with no one I particularly cared about playing--I never did it again. My heart wasn't in it.

    I love TBerries fabrics and have a sizable stash, but few finished projects. I'm hoping this is my year of actually USING my fabrics, rather than just petting and admiring them.

    Love the blue and yellow. If I'm ever in the neighborhood, I'd love to put my feet up and enjoy your porch. (I'm so envious!)


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