Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Very Satisfying Finish

When I put things away for the day on Wednesday, I had just 2 seams to sew to complete the top for Erin's Diamonds. I just didn't have the energy to tussle with the big, bulky parts, so I put it off until today.

Taaa-daaa!! I am thrilled with this finish.

Instead of talk-talk-talk, I will just show you the pictures and let you enjoy.

Notice how big it is; this is a double bed, so it should look more normal on a queen or king bed. I attempted to show lots of angles and focus on different parts. The quilting will likely be straight lines on either side of all the seams - that is the way the quilt in the book was done. I will probably piece together a couple of larger cuts of some KF fabrics from my stash to make the back. When Erin picked out these fabrics for the top, we set aside some possibilities for the back.

That's all for today, Peeps!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


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