Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kissing Fish

That's a cute name for a baby quilt, isn't it? I had a picture of the quilt pinned on my Pinterest board, and mom-to-be Erin (the other Erin, not my Erin) picked it out. I began gathering bright, happy fat quarters and just this morning, did a bit of cutting and stitching, to see how the blocks will go together.

Here are the bright fabrics I have yet to cut into. I pulled 3 out to play with this morning. I will try to have a lot of variety in my fishies, of which I need 110. I've made 12, so I've a bit of fishing ahead of me.

Here's my stack of printed fish, 9 so far. They go together very well, and I chain pieced them, so it was relatively fast and smooth sailing. I will need 62 printed fish.

White fish go with the printed fish. I will need 48 of these, and so far I have 3.

The blocks will go together like this. I don't think the kissing fish need to be the same color - it appears from the picure to be random placement.

The blocks are going together quite nicely, and I am guessing that it's because of the trimming that is called for. I don't see many quilt instructions that specifically say to trim. Since this one did, I figured it must be important to do, so I am, and it takes forever, but the end result is totally worth it. (There was a grumble hidden under there, but not a big one.)

Here's a purple fish block. See how the white fish serve as background for the colorful fish?  This looks like it will be fun to put together.

I guess I should add that the pattern is free. Here is the link to the website. Like I said, I had the picture saved on Pinterest. Here is that pic:

Well, the weather has finally decided that it will be Springtime after all. DH and I are off for a walk, then I hope finish the cutting. All the HSTs need a diagonal line drawn on, and I can do that while watching basketball tonight.

Since my Buckeyes are out of the tournament, I am conflicted about who to root for. Folks in these parts have a particular distaste for "that state up north," but I would like to see them do well to represent the Big 10. Oh, well, I just like watching basketball, so I won't stress about it too much!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Such acute pattern!

QuiltSue said...

That is going to be a very cute quilt.