Monday, April 29, 2013

QwF* at Terry's

* Quilting with Friends

Last week was a good week for this quilter, as I had three different opportunities to quilt with friends. Monday had Sharon P. here at my house. Tuesday took me to Mary's barn. I now want to show you some of the stuff we worked on at Terry's house on Thursday.

At the barn on Tuesday, Terry was attempting to sort blocks for a WIP (work in progress). She found it was a little more than she could handle without spreading out all over, so it came home with her for work on Thursday.

And what do you think?? Looks pretty awesome, doesn't it? I love the mix of 4-patches and 9-patches. Very cool. Here is the pattern, in case you want to make one, too.

Can you read it? It's from Country Threads and is called Quest For Freedom.

Sheryll was with us for just a short time before she had to leave for an appointment, so I do not have any pics of the project she was working on. Now that I think of it, I don't think I have any pics from Sharon O.'s project, either. I am slipping! See below; I attempt an explanation for the spotty coverage of projects. *hanging head*

We did have a nice visit from a friend who stopped to drop off 2 quilts for quilting. Laura, a fellow guild member with Terry and Sheryll, and whom I've met on a few occasions, had a couple of beauties.

This 9-patch and redwork quilt was done by Laura's mother. Isn't it great? Here is a shot of what will be used as the backing.

Toile! Love, love, love it! Farm animals in the embroidered redwork, and farm scenes in the toile. Perfection.

This is Laura's, and I just don't think my picture does it justice. The backing is there in the bottom corner, which is evident. The prints used in this contain a bit of yellow which isn't showing up. Anyway, take my word for it - it's wonderful, and Terry will do a masterful job of quilting it.

I am rerunning this quilt because Laura mentioned that she wanted to see it. I showed it in this post, if you want to go back. The pattern is called Best of All, but I do not have the company who published it.

This blue and cheddar quilt came out for a look-see, but I must have been engrossed in my own project, so alas, I have no details to offer.

I find that I do that a lot, friendly readers. I have enough awareness of a situation to take a picture, but then I fail to get the pertinent information for the quilt or the WIP, and then I am left with having to guess at what I am sharing. (Perhaps there is a good reason I did not try to become a journalist.)

Anyway, there's what I have for you. It feels slightly "undone," but it's all I've got!

I have a new start. I will share bits about it in tomorrow's post.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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