Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Quilts of the Show

The quilt show was last week, so it's high time I posted a few of the pics I took on Thursday. I don't have these in any particular order, and I will include as much information as I can for each.

This is called Spring Garden, and according to the information card on it the maker was interested in exploring color while using traditionally pieced designs. This has a combination of 16 patch blocks and sawtooth star blocks.

This is called Sheila's Garden using the New York Beauty pattern. The greens are intended to represent foliage, while the rest are florals - nearly 150 different florals! The techniques identified for this say "machine pieced and quilted," and says nothing about being paper pieced. I cannot imagine, but maybe...

This is called Departure, with a combination of hand- and machine-piecing, hand applique, hand embroidery and hand quilting. Whew!!

The makers of this quilt, Fiesta Stars, say that this pattern is normally done in Civil War repro fabrics. They decided to do it in brigh jewel-tone batiks. The pattern is Stars Over Fort Sumter by Red Crinoline Quilts.

These flowers are made with men's neckties. It is called Grandfather's Flower Garden. I have a big box of my grandfather's ties - maybe I should consider this??

This quilt, Wisteria, caught my eye from across the room in the quilt venue. It was stunning from afar, and even moreso up close. The individual petal of each flower is a 1cm hexagon. She made 3800 of those hexies, pinned each one on, took a picture, then began stitching them on using the picture as a guide. What an effort! The path is made of pieced blocks.

Yes, this is a quilt. The maker says she found a picture of her mother in a box of family photos, and turned it into this quilt. She used machine piecing and machine applique, free motion machine embroidery, and machine quilting. The name of the quilt is Make You Happy.

Flower Quartet, above, earned an Honorable Mention in the show. This one has hand piecing, hand applique, hand embroidery, hand quilting, and trapunto.

This fun quilt is called Will You Play With Me? The maker says "the images on this quilt represent the carefree childhood days of being busy at play. This collection of toys, games and playthings are a large part of my memories of the 1950s." I just loved looking at the components she included. And look at that wonderful jumprope in the lower border! Wonderful!!

This quilt has a history lesson attached to it. She was a child whose family immigrated to Israel from Europe after WWII. She says "Recently, I found letters that were written to my sister by my parents in Yiddish...Every week my parents wrote her a letter. Half was written by my father, and half by my mother." The name of the quilt is Servetke 2 (Serviette in Yiddish); the doilie design in this quilt are representative of the knitted serviettes she says were used everywhere in their home.

Summer at the Lake, above, is inspired by the Lady of the Lake pattern. The maker used over 200 different reproduction 1930s fabrics. No two blocks are the same. I would consider making a quilt like this. I just love it. Did you check out that border?

This quilt is called Intensity, and is based on a pattern called Bubble Gum from Quilt Sampler 2002, Churn Dash variation. I think the bright yellow background fabric makes this quilt special.

This quilt, Sunburst, I offer with a wink to my friend, Quilt Sue, who cohosted the Lone Star Quilt Along, last year. This quilt was hand pieced and hand quilted, and made from a picture the maker had of a quilt in a New York art museum. Wow.

Finally, I offer this gi-normous quilt, The Bern House Quilt. It was a special feature at the show. Made in Berne, Switzerland, for a big exhibit in 2010, it has 156 different blocks which were made separately by members of a quilt guild. One member made the block replicating the famous clock tower which you can see in the lower middle of the quilt.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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