Monday, April 8, 2013

Terry's Fabric Storage

Don't you find it fascinating to see how other quilters organize their sewing spaces and the items in those spaces? I sure do. I am curious about what works for my fellow quilters, and I wonder if I can find a few ideas that I might also use.

A few weeks back I had occasion to visit Terry's sewing room. She was thrilled about the cleaning and organizing she had been doing, and was more than happy to show off her newly straightened fabric closet.

Her closet has lots of shelves of varying widths. She organizes her fabrics in several different ways. Up top, in the area that you can barely see, she has all her homespun fabrics.

Then, under the homespun, she begins organizing quilting fabrics by ROYGBIV colors. So neatly folded and easy to see. Look at those yummy stacks of neutrals. And blues. And reds and greens.*Sigh.*

This shot shows the lower portion of the closet. There are tubs in various spots. Those tubs over on the right are project tubs. On the hangers are bags of kits Terry has purchased.

I did not take a picture of another closet across the room, but it is filled with nothing but Civil War reproduction fabrics. Oh, my gosh, is that something to see! I should have gotten a picture of it;  maybe I was awestruck. Do you think??

Well, this gets me to thinking. How do you store your fabric stash? I will take some pics of my own stash and share that with you in the coming days.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Amazing stash, would love to see her collection of Civil War fabrics. I think I need to go out and buy more fabric.


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