Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More Quilting With Friends

After class at OU-C this morning, I took my machine and my Erin's Diamonds quilt to Terry's house for a day of stitching with friends. Yesterday, I stitched with the Frienzies; today I was with the Frankfort girls. Tomorrow - yes, I have a date for tomorrow, too, but I will fill you in on that afterwards.

So, today, I had a great time with everyone. I managed to get all the remaining diagonal rows stitched together for Erin's quilt. I did not stop to press or sew rows together. My single focus was to finish the rows. Period.
Chuck the cat looks right handsome against the colorful diamonds.
He didn't seem to care that I was making mistakes,
even with the quilt spread out on Terry's bed.
Now I did do a fair amount of unsewing, if you know what I mean. Honestly, I could have accomplished so much more if I hadn't had to have the seam ripper in my hands so frequently! It was really confusing getting the side triangles onto the correct diamonds, and I made more than a few mistakes. But the rows are together now, and after I press them (carefully), I will begin attaching them. By tomorrow at this time, I hope to have the entire quilt top assembled.

The other girls were all busy on their various projects, and since I was so zeroed in on my own, I did not get many pics of things.

JoAnn is enrolled in a class at one of our local shops for the Mill Girls quilt. She was getting caught up with her blocks.

JoAnn also shared with us this sweet little spring/Easter wallhanging that she made last week.

Sheryll was making massive amounts of half-square triangles. She is starting a quilt that I have long admired called Autumn Flight by Primitive Gatherings. It looks spectacular; I will be sure to follow up on this as Sheryll progresses.

Sharon O. was having machine troubles, so she was doing menial work - trimming up things, straightening her sewing basket, and so on. No pics of her activities. *sad face*

Terry was working on a UFO from about 3 or 4 years ago. She was referring to this as a summer quilt, so I assume she plans on using it this summer on her bed. It is a pattern from the Spring/Summer 2007 issue of Quilt Sampler Magazine, called Rosy Chic.

One thing all of us did was enjoy Terry's active - and sometimes, hyperactive - pets. Here is the most hyper of all - Millie. Doesn't she look like she is posing for a doggie centerfold? This adorable pooch has personality plus, for sure.

Well, I need to be pressing my diagonal rows of diamonds. I have great hopes of completing this soon! Gotta' stay busy on it!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Church the cat looks stunning on your bright triangle quilt, probably wonders "where have you been?" You get so much done when sewing with friends, seems like I do a lot of talking and unstitching.


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