Friday, April 5, 2013

Seconds, Perhaps?

I have had lots of great feedback on my recently completed Erin's Diamonds quilt. I thank you all; makes me feel like I accomplished something quite significant.

The most important thing is that DD Erin loves it; after all, it is the quilt she picked out with the fabrics that she picked also picked out. I sent frequent texts with pictures attached, so she was following me every step of the way.

One really cool thing I saw recently on Pinterest, is a similar quilt done without the rows. I really like this soft, primarily pink KF quilt, and would consider making another. Here is the link to the original picture.

I can totally see myself doing this quilt. I am keeping it on the back burner for now, but it is definitely in the "someday-maybe" file.

Happy Quilting, Friends!



  1. Your diamond quilt is spectacular--------DD did a marvelous job of picking fabrics and you worked your magic to complete. Some quilts are worth making twice.

  2. You have me inspired to try it. Have started looking for fabrics. Just reading the instructions in the book I wouln't have had the courage to tackle this but you've explain and shown the path to take well enough that I feel like I could follow.

  3. Oooh yes! So pretty! I can't imagine how your KF quilt must look in person... your DD is one lucky girl.


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