Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Carson's Courtyard

Another item can be checked off the list - well, technically, it can't because I still have to attach the borders - but to me it feels done.

However you want to look at it, I want to show you what I have finished on Carson's Courtyard. This quilt was on the big 2013 Goals list, and I added it to the "Ten Things This Summer" list that I came up with several weeks ago.

Here are a few of the blocks laid out on the bed. I was just so eager to see how they looked! I did quite a bit of adjusting and rearranging after this, but you do see the blocks a bit closer.

Here I have the top sewn together, unpressed. I told you! I was too eager to see how it looked! I couldn't wait for pressing first!

When you look at this, do the gold/yellow blocks scream too much? My eye keeps being drawn to those blocks and I wonder if I oughtn't to tame them down a bit. I was thinking of painting them with strong tea to dye them a bit. Or I could remove them and replace them with something more subdued. If you have an opinion, I sure would love to hear it.

Making new blocks would be no trouble at all. These were fun to make. You start by sewing together 4 blocks cut at 6.5 inches.

Then you measure 4 inches out from the center and cut. Do this on both sides. Flip the two cut-away parts and reattach them.

Next, you cut the same amount from the center, but you cut the other two sides. Flip them, too, and reattach. (Pardon the strange color in the above photo! Must have been the lighting or the flash! Yuk!)

Here is a stack of finished blocks. Easy as pie - a good quilt for a beginner. I used lots of my older fat quarters and enjoyed pairing up a light and a dark. The blocks are 11.5 inches.

So, my little summer list is moving right along. I have been thinking about what to work on next. Narrowed down now to these three: Swoon, the HST quilt from quilt camp, or the thimble/crumbler/tumbler quilt.

Remember when I said I was indecisive??

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Love the scrappyness of you Carson's Courtyard. Is that even a word? I made this last year but after a few blocks I decided to cut the pattern block to doll size. Anxious to see yours together.

  2. Ah, that's how it's done. Here I thought you had cut all those pieces and joined them. That really makes it do-able. As if I really needed another project. No ideas on the yellow/gold other than leave them. It gives the top the scrappyness to have them popping out, unlike a matchy-matchy co-ordinated pattern.


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