Monday, August 12, 2013

Frankfort Girls

We met at Sheryll's house last Friday, and had a special guest. Shame on me for not getting a picture. Terry brought her 4-year-old grandson Troy with her. He was a sweet little thing, and he entertained Sheryll's husband very well. Or was it the other way around???

Anyway, quickly, I will show you what we worked on. JoAnn was absent this morning, so I will show you what the others were working on. I will show you mine in another post.

Terry was binding this beauty. I remember seeing it once before and I was intrigued by the great design of those black triangles criss-crossing through the quilt. I have asked Terry to find the pattern for me so that I can make it! Her borders are black prints and the entire thing just looks so great.

Sharon O. was quiltng this wall hanging. You may remember that she was just beginning this a few months back - she was hand-piecing the foundation-pieced blocks - interesting.... So now it is nearly finished and looking so fresh and spring-y.

Seems like I am always apologizing for picture quality. Well, this one is washed out because the sun was shining on it. I need to start being more mindful of this. Sheryll was quilting in the setting squares. You can see that she is repeating the basket motif in the quilting. It is brown and pink and is really very pretty - which my picture doesn't really show. Sorry, Sheryll!

We had a great morning and enjoyed our time together - as we always do. We solve a myriad of problems - of both major and minor magnitude. You know how it is, right?

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. What a lovely day you had ... you're very lucky and those quilts are stunning :)


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