Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A sewing Machine Upgrade

I have hemmed and hawed for more than 6 weeks about buying a sewing machine. My current machine, my beloved Miss Bernina, model 1010, is closing in on age 27. She still sews beautifully, and I wouldn't give her up easily. However, I have had to be more diligent in servicing and babying her, and I have felt for some time that having a backup machine was becoming a necessity.

Well, the sewing machine gods were listening to that nagging voice in my head. A friend, Debbie, had a nearly-new Bernina that she wanted to sell as she had upgraded to a fancier model. She lent it to me to use for awhile -- sort of a test-drive period.

This is Bernina's Activa 220. I've sewn a couple of things on it, and we are quite compatible. Debbie had all the books, accessories and manuals, so whenever I've had to figure something out, I've been able to do it.

Debbie, if you are reading this, expect a call! I am ready to seal the deal! *happy face*

The most exciting thing: it comes with a walking foot! I can machine quilt!! I experimented on that pretty little table runner, and it worked beautifully. Oh, the possibilities -- be still, my heart!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. How fun how fun how FUN!! :) Love the runner.

  2. I share your excitement. My quilting became so much better with a walking foot. I have one machine that it stays on constantly. Have lots of fun with it.

  3. Haha funny you mention those machines. As I've said before I teach middle school. Recently, I've picked up a class of Home Ec called fun with fabrics. The older sewing machines the school has are the Bernina 1010s and the new ones that I'm actually getting the kids to use are the Bernina Activas. Exactly the same as yours! I'm a Pfaff girl myself so I've had to learn how to thread and wind bobbins on a Bernina. Luckily I am a few steps ahead of the students. ;-)


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