Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Frankfort Girls

A week ago Friday, the girls were here at my house for a morning of sewing and catching up. All 5 of us were in attendance!! Hooray! We have had partial groups over recent get-togethers, so it was nice seeing everyone.

I was stitching the binding on the quilt that I was giving as a wedding gift. I've shown it before, but with my sporadic posting this month, I will go ahead and repeat it.

The fabric is French General, and the bride has recently been on a trip to France with her brother, so the French influences in the fabric will be perfectly suited to her, I think. If you want to see the binding, click here. It's in a post from a few weeks back.

As for the girls, I have pictures of Terry and Sheryll's projects, but not Sharon or JoAnn's. Now what's up with that??

Here is Sheryll's latest applique project. I tell you, she is the queen of applique, for sure. I should take some cues from her, and make myself practice more so that I could feel a bit more confident in my abilities.

Won't this be a wonderful wall hanging for Christmas? I will have to ask Sheryll for details, as I don't know if this was a kit or if she pulled the fabrics herself. She is good at it, so I wouldn't be surprised if she did. All homespun. It will be so perfect in her house.
Terry was binding her Carson's Courtyard. If you recall, I made my own version of this quilt last month, and Terry's quilt was my inspiration. She redid some of her blocks to more pleasing fabrics, and now has her finished, too.
Well, I have about 30 essays that need to be graded, so I can't stay any longer. Back to the grindstone!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. That Carson's Courtyard is so interesting, going to have to try it some day.


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