Sunday, October 27, 2013

Working Hard

I'm busy this weekend trying to completely finish the three projects shown in an earlier post. So, to pass the time, I thought I'd show you a Halloween wall hanging that I put up every October. I will apologize for all the murky pictures - using the cell phone, again, instead of a regular camera.

You may recognize this as a Thimbleberries pattern. I made it at least 10 years ago, and probably closer to 15 years ago. Time flies, and of course there is no label. (I know; I should know better.)

And, while I finish off the aforementioned projects, I have a couple waiting in the wings.

First, my brother Mark has commissioned me to make a T-shirt quilt for him. He plans to give this to his boss. All the t-shirts are from their company over the last 20+ years. I have all the shirts cut, the interfacing is applied, and the setting fabric is purchased. I like that these quilts go together so easily.

And when the t-shirt quilt is done, I am going to begin Tapestry, a pattern I saw made up in Old Town Fabrics, made of the Barbara Brackman fabric, Morris Apprentice. I am so looking forward to working with this fabric! Every piece is absolutely gorgeous, and a delight to the eyes.

This is the sample display at Old Town Fabric Shop. The fabric line is across the bottom of the picture. Won't this be a fast quilt to make? I'm chomping at the bit!

Confession: I've already cut the required 6-7/8" squares, drawn the diagonal line, and matched them up in random pairs. When I do get the other work completed, I will be able to just pick these up and chain stitch to my heart's content! *happy, happy, happy*

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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