Friday, October 25, 2013


I read several blogs and find it totally amazing at what some quilters can accomplish. I have good friends who are also quite the overachievers and who do much more than I do. It's dizzying just how some folks manage to finish so many beautiful projects.

So while I am about to brag about these 3 little quilts, I do keep my perspective: these don't even begin to compare with what so many others are cranking out.

Maybe because I have had sort of a funk about sewing, projects, quilting, etc., I feel extra excited to share these with you.

I have finished hand-quilting the little doll quilt, Midnight Stars, and have the binding ready to stitch down. I love the red binding. I will tack it this weekend.

Back in March I sewed together a charm pack of a Moda fabric - I think it was called ABC123. And that was all I did. About a week ago, I had a note from a new momma that I know, and she asked if I would make a quilt for her little boy. I found the inner border pieces in my scrap bin, and I'd purchased the outer border from the sale table at Old Town Fabrics. And, there is enough left to use for the backing! I am going to quilt this on the new Bernina, so I will have this in the arms of our new mother very soon.

And last, but not least, I put the final row of triangles on Faithful, and added the outer border. I just love this, and am so glad I happened upon Lori's quilt along on Humble Quilts. Come to think of it, that Midnight Stars, above, was also a quilt along from her blog. I do like her projects!

Here are all three, tacked up on the design wall. It gives you a better look at the size of each project, doesn't it? I am so eager to get all of them completely finished. I think I will make that my goal for the upcoming weekend.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Hey, 3 finishes in one week is fantastic whether they're big or small projects. Well done on moving 3 WIPs to the completed pile.

  2. They look great! No need to compare to anyone else... what counts is making yourself happy!!


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