Monday, October 7, 2013

Going to Granville

On Friday I tagged along with the Frankfort girls to a quilt show in Granville, a pretty little town about 30 minutes east of Columbus. It is the home of Denison University, and has a very appealing history. Many of the old buildings still stand and have been lovingly kept up. It's a town with personality.

The Heart of Ohio Quilters Guild sponsored the quilt show at a most stunning venue - The Bryn Du Mansion in Granville, Ohio. There are several out buildings on this estate, and the show was in one of them. From signs I saw, there was an art show going on in the actual mansion.

Bryn Du Mansion
A closer view of the mansion.
A side view of the mansion.
Two out buildings behind the mansion.
A new "barn" is to the right of the older buildings above.
This is where the quilt show was held.
We had a perfectly delightful day for the 2-hour drive (give or take) to Granville, and the setting was so worth the trip. Such a gorgeous place!

So now let's look at a few quilts.

Happy to Be Scrappy
Ohio University Spirit Quilt.
I've seen lots of OSU quilts over the years,
but this is my first OU quilt. I like it!
Hundreds of Diamonds. Interesting use of yellow for the back-
ground, and lots of little Lone Stars. Whew. I admire the quilter who tackled this;
it would have knocked me out; I'd never have finished it.

Marie Antoinette.

I have two more I want to show you that I photographed especially for my nieces, Anna Rose and Mary Jean. They look at the blog when they are at Aunt Sandy's house, so I know they will see them.

Pocket Full of Dinosaurs. Anna Rose is very interested in dinosaurs these days,
so I thought she should appreciate seeing this. There are 5 or 6 pockets on
the quilt for treasures or tissues. I took pictures of a couple of them.

No More Swimming Upstream.
Both girls were quite interested in watching the construction
of Kissing Fishes, a baby quilt I made earlier this year. This fish
quilt should tickle their fancy. I wonder if they have ever seen fish
like these when they go to Florida.
 I've worked on this post for 3 days, now, and it looks like I'm finally going to get it posted. We were just so busy both Saturday and Sunday that I never could carve out any minutes for posting.

The weekend was wonderful, by the way. We were on the go all the time. From History Day, to a lunch date in Columbus with Erin and Jeff, to hosting a small group of friends last night for some fun and fellowship. We celebrated both my mother's birthday and DH's birthday. Lots going on, for sure.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this beauties. Love love the eye candy. It would be hard to pick a favorite.


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