Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fabric, Anyone?

I will have a few questions for you today. Mostly of the rhetorical variety, but answer them if  you like.

Just because I am not getting very much sewn or quilted in my sewing room doesn't mean that I can't buy more fabric, now does it? (Question 1)

I have had 2 shopping opportunities in recent weeks, and while I am supposed to be using from the stash, I figure some additional precuts really isn't that much more fabric. Is this not logical? (Question 2)

I bought this single jelly roll of Indigo Crossing on that recent trip to the Granville quilt show.

And yesterday, I stopped in at Old Town Fabrics and just had to treat myself to these delectable charm packs.

French General fabrics are nearly always irresistible, and those Midwinter Reds from Minnick and Simpson were very appealing, too, so I got 2 of each. That should be a fast "someday" project, right? (Question 3)

Well, off to class!
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. My answers are: no, yes and yes. I love the Midwinter Reds too, and splashed out on a FQ bundle plus yardage while I was in the US.

  2. I can buy more fabric now than I ever have before because I'm working. The downside is I'm working so have much less time for sewing. Therefore the answer to question 1 is a big yes from me! I've bought some indigo Crossing and am hankering for some Midwinter Reds too. You can make a schnibbles pattern with two charm packs. I'm an enabler, I tell ya!


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