Monday, March 23, 2015

Farmer's Wife Update

Since I have been doing so many of these posts about my progress on the Farmer's Wife blocks, the creative blog titles are getting, well, not so creative. Sorry about that.

Hopefully, the progress is making up for the lame titles. Here are the two latest blocks which I made over the weekend. This brings me to a grand total of 13 finished this month. My goal is to do 25; I have just over a week remaining to do 12 blocks. Over halfway - woohoo!

The first block is called Broken Sugar Bowl. The next one is called Country Path. I took some liberties with the color placements on that second block. I suppose that since I am the quilter, I can do what I want. The farmer's wife would have used what she had, and so the quilt police can forgive any slight variations that I make.

I will have a couple more to show you tomorrow,  I hope.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. loving them. you are one quilting machine! LOL I would never tackle such a daunting task but then I am chicken. LOL


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