Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Goal Met

Oh yeah, I am doing a little happy dance today, ladies and gentlemen, because I finished off the 25th block in my UFO March challenge.

I have known since before the first of the month that I needed to get these blocks done, yet I didn't start on them until the 15th. What was I thinking? I really wanted to accomplish the task, though, so I have deliberately focused my sights on achieving the goal. The big sewing day at Terry's on Tuesday was what put me over the top. I planned for it by getting the last 11 blocks all cut out. Then I took only those pieces to Terry's to work on. No alternative options allowed. It was quite a lot of fun seeing them take shape. By the time I packed up to head for home I had only 4 blocks left to make. I did 3 of them that night, and finished the last block yesterday morning. Ta-da! Goal accomplished.

Hovering Birds - I have two of this block; the other is hand-stitched.

Grape Basket


Streak of Lightning



Hovering Hawks


Maple Leaf

Peace and Plenty

Steps to the Altar
Now, do I stack these away for another couple of years like I did the first 28 blocks I made? Hopefully not. I have considered my options from this point on. I do think I am done with making blocks for this quilt. Yes, I know there are 111 blocks in the book; I choose to stop at 53. I will add in some setting blocks (plain? HST? QST? something fancier?) and I will consider sashing strips and cornerstones. Ideas may have to incubate for awhile, but I would like to see this sampler quilt finished up. I will try not let it languish too long.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


Amy M said...

Jayne --I love your blog! The posts this week have been an inspiration to get going on a quilt I have been procrastinating about. God Bless! Amy Mann

Jayne Honnold said...

Thank you, Amy. I am so glad to be the force behind your getting started on a project. (I'm sure it won't happen very often, for I am usually the one needing the push!)

sewyouquilt2 said...

great job on those goals. love your blocks March was not as productive for me oh well there is always April LOL