Friday, March 20, 2015

Sweet Little Seamstresses

Oh gosh, what fun! I got to spend some quality time with THE two sweetest girls in the whole wide world!
Anna Rose and Mary Jean, my twin nieces.

DH and I went to a family-friendly sports bar in Wilmington to watch NCAA March Madness yesterday afternoon. My sister, her husband, her two (adult) children, another nephew and his girlfriend, Mom, and a few good friends have made a tradition of this for years. When school was out, my brother and sister-in-law came in with their twin girls, Anna Rose and Mary Jean. I adore those two cutie pies like there's no tomorrow. They are just as sweet as can be, and smart! Oh my goodness, they are amazing. You just have to trust me on this! *wink*

In true quilter fashion, I had my trusty box of 2.5" squares, thread, needles and scissors. I planned to stitch while watching the games, and that is exactly what I did. Naturally, those sweet girls wanted to know all about it. They sorted my squares and matched up ones they liked. Eventually, Anna Rose came over and asked me to teach her how to sew.

So we marked a quarter-inch line on the back of a square, matched it up with a second square, threaded a needle, tied a knot, and proceeded to stitch across. She took to it right away. I was so proud of her! Not to be outdone, it wasn't any time at all until Mary Jean came over for her lesson. She selected her two squares, we repeated the process and off she went. She is pretty good at it, too, although her lesson was a bit short because the evening was closing in on bedtime.

And to top off a fun afternoon and evening, our Buckeyes won in overtime. I wasn't expecting much out off them as our season has been a bit disappointing. All in all, a very fun day.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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