Sunday, March 15, 2015

Only 24 To Go

The March project for me in the UFO Challenge we Frankfort girls are having amongst ourselves is to make 25 Farmer's Wife blocks. It has been so long since I have worked on this UFO, but when I was, I did quite a few blocks. I was exceedingly focused, and enjoyed the challenge of making such a variety of blocks. And some of them were quite the challenge, let me tell you. I remember the last block I made - painstakingly working to have my points match and not to stretch bias edges. When it came out so perfect, I was thrilled - until I realized that the block was about half the size it was supposed to be - I'd made the whole thing with the wrong size template. That's when I stopped working on FWQ.  Just chucked it all right into the bin, snapped on the lid, and slid it off to the side.

Seeing Terry's finished FWQ late last year has made me think about getting back to work on mine, so I added it to the UFO Challenge list - Make 25 Farmer's Wife blocks. Easy-peasy, right? Well, we'll see.

First I needed to know how many I already had to give my morale a boost. Finding that I have 27 blocks already finished and acceptable for use did, indeed, boost my morale. I have 2 additional blocks that are unusable - that tiny one I described above, and another that came out about a half-inch smaller than it should have. I don't even have the energy to try to figure out what I did wrong on it.

Also, tucked inside the book was a partially sewn block. I do not remember doing this, but I must have needed a hand-piecing project, because the part that is finished was done by hand. After I figured out which block it was supposed to be, I finished it off. 

So now I have 24 more Farmer's Wife blocks to make. Whoo-hoo! I made a list of the ones I'd like to do. Since I have just 2 weeks left in the month, I figure I need to make several each day in order to meet the end-of-the-month deadline. I am up to the challenge!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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