Tuesday, March 10, 2015

SPARK! Tonight

This evening I will be teaching the second of my 3-class series for beginning quilters. We are making a 16"x16" table topper - all by hand. The objective is to get comfortable with using the needle and thread, as well as to get to a point where our quarter-inch seams are relatively accurate and our stitches are as tiny as possible. This is the sample of what everyone will have when they finish.

Last week at the first class, we made 9-patch blocks. Most of us finished 2 together, and the remaining 2 were to be done as homework and brought back to class this evening. Tonight's class will involve attaching cornerstones to setting strips and then attaching them to the blocks. The goal before next class is to have the top completely assembled.

I've spent some evenings this week stitching a few sets of blocks to show for demonstration purposes. The top is what I labeled as a shabby chic combination; the bottom, of course, is Christmas (even though the red looks sorta' pink in the picture).

The goal of the last class - there are 3 classes - is to layer the top, batting and back, stretch onto a hoop, and quilt. I am thinking that we might need a 4th class to actually finish pulling the binding around to the front and tacking down. If so, then that is fine. I billed it as a 3-meeting class, but we all live here in the area, so if folks want to meet for a 4th and final session, that will be a-okay with me. I love that people want to quilt. It's a great hobby, and getting others to enjoy it is a treat for me.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. looks good. I remember my first quilt class. we used cardboard templates and most made a pillow. I made a small baby quilt as a sampler. it had 6 different blocks which was fun to do.


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