Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Just One More Block

Are your Irish eyes a'smilin' today, Laddies and Lassies? Mine are, because I have another Farmer's Wife block finished. Steady work on completing the 25 FWQ blocks, and I might just have them done in time to meet my March 31st deadline! Only 19 to go.

Oh, for them all to be this simple! The pieces are big, and the shapes are regular. Except for the machine appliqueing of the handle, it was all quite straightforward.

Since I have no other quilting pictures to share, I will show you the gorgeous sunset we had last night. My Facebook feed was full of sunset pictures; apparently all of Ohio was enjoying the beauty.

Today, Sharon will be over for a day of sewing, and tonight I have the final installment of my Spark! beginning quilting class. Later, peeps!

Top O' The Morning To You, Friends!

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