Friday, March 13, 2015

Sharon P.'s Update

I become so self-absorbed in what I am making that I sometimes forget that some of my dear friends are getting things accomplished, too, and I like to try to show these things to you from time to time. On Tuesday when Sharon and I sewed together, she made significant progress on her version of Snowbird Stars, and I have neglected to show them to you. Let us remedy that this instant.

A more whispery-soft star is nowhere to be found. I'm sure of it. Sharon's star blocks are all floral centers with dotted points. There are 5 different combinations. Let's take a closer look at these barely-there stars.

Don't they make you feel like you ought to be whispering? The wispy nature of those neutrals put together this way really exude calm and peace and comfort. Mix these with the other combinations she's made and she will have an awesome quilt. The previous blocks can be seen here.

I am nearly finished with the center of my quilt top. I have a couple of more seams to stitch on the center part, and then corner setting triangles need to be cut and sewn on. Then there's the binding! It will be straightforward, so I should have it all done today. We shall see.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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