Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sewing With Frankfort Girls

 Friday morning I was supposed to host the Frankfort girls here for our 9-noon session. However, Mother Nature had other plans. We live back a very long lane - one that we must depend on neighbors to clear for us, as we don't have a blade for the job. Terry lives on a long lane, too, but there's a blade in her family, so we traded.

It will be my turn at the end of the month. I think by then, the snow will be over for this season - oh, I hope so!! I love the snow, but I also love that we live in an area where seasons change; the time has come for winter to wind down. I am ready for spring.

I have three UFOs to show you. One is completely amazing - and finished. The other two will be finished soon.

This little quilt is Terry's. She was piecing this the last time we sewed together. This top is now in flimsy stage; her plan is to quilt it soon. Those are some tiny blocks with even tinier pieces. Looks great. Terry has such an eye for good color combinations.

This is from Sheryll. She intends to finish it for our UFO challenge. So far, the piecing is completed.

And for the completely amazing portion of our morning, this finished UFO from Sheryll wins the day. It is a Kim Deihl pattern, and incredibly, I have this bookmarked in my copy of the book in which this pattern is featured. Sheryll had a total for us on number of pieces and parts; I wish I'd written them down. It was quite an astounding sum!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. very nice. thanks for the virtual quilt show. inspiring

  2. They're all great, thanks for showing them, but your right, that last one is amazing.


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