Monday, April 20, 2015

Celebrating A Finish!

The infrequency of this announcement makes me want to do a happy dance all around the sewing room. The purple Kaffe Fassett quilt I made for Emma has been quilted and bound. DONE! I even remembered to put a label on it.

I began cutting this quilt out about a month ago. I had just finished Snowbird Stars and felt as though I was on a roll, and with Emma's graduation looming, I went right to work. It was fun to make and so, so easy.
Now here we are a month later, and by gosh, it's quilted, labeled and bound. Ready to give to our graduate in a couple of weeks. She will be so surprised.
I just love the lime green inner border I used; it pops the colors even more than they already pop, and provides such fantastic contrast. It's a happy quilt! And Emma will LOVE it.

The back is rather bland by comparison. It is KF dots in the palest of lavender colors. I had enough to use it for the binding, as well.

 There's more to celebrate. All those triangles which were cut away from the blocks yielded this HST quilt. I have put all the HSTs together and have a smallish wall hanging-size quilt top. I have put it aside for a bit so that I can mull over the next step. I think I'd like to make it bigger, and must determine if that means more triangles or some other fun option.

Or options. Quilters have many, you know. *wink*

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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