Friday, April 17, 2015

Things Pile Up

Isn't it funny how life works? I was (relatively) on top of the projects I wanted to work on a week ago, but now I have extra irons in the fire and am feeling some increased urgency to get a few of them done.  Typically, when things get this way, I make a list.

1. Finish the 19th C. Reds kit - I made the blocks at retreat; now I'm feeling the need to have it put together.

2. Put the binding on Emma's purple KF quilt. Terry quilted in no time and I picked it up on Wednesday. I first will need to make the binding (I plan to use what I cut away from the backing).

3. Finish the last border of the Tulip Wall Hanging. I've got no excuse for not having this completed. It just needs a 2.5" neutral border and then I can sandwich it and quilt it. I've been lolly-gagging. (Is that a term you know?)

4. I took on a new project this week. I am altering a prom dress for a friend's daughter. It was too long, and that portion of the alterations is finished. The part I am stewing over just a bit is an insert she wants in the bodice to give her more coverage. The dress was made with rhinestone-covered tulle over lining on the skirt. The bodice, however, was lined only in certain area; the rest was see-through. Anna felt that there needed to be some additional lining in this one particular area. I made a practice insert yesterday, which will need a couple of adjustments. I plan to finish it today.

5. The April UFO has been in the back of my mind all month. I've been considering options, and just need to make a decision and get this completed.

6. The two Quilt-Alongs also need to be dealt with. I took them to the retreat, but did not get to work on either.

7. Put the blocks from my Farmer's Wife Quilt together. This, too, I've been pondering and it's time to just make a decision. I have 53 blocks completed and will need to make setting blocks of HSTs or hourglass.

8. Long Road Home is still not finished. I have completely ignored it since around late February. My fingers got sore, I took a break, and that's where I left it. With NBA playoffs coming up, and MLB on TV, maybe I ought to just watch my sports (Go Cavaliers! Go Tribe!) and finally finish quilting this. I will love having it done. 

We quilters sure know how to stay busy, don't we?
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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