Sunday, April 19, 2015

I Shopped

It's a rare day when I find myself shopping for fabric anymore. I came to an unpleasant realization 3 or 4 years ago that I could not possibly live long enough to use all my fabric, and that I had better focus on reducing the stash instead of continuing to buy more. And for the most part, I have been rather successful in that endeavor. If only I'd kept track of how much I've bought as opposed to how much of the stash I've used. That would be some telling statistic, for sure. But I did not, alas. It's gratifying enough, then, to know that I have done well at limiting the new fabric purchases.

All that being said, I did cut loose while on retreat recently; we took only one outing and, of course, it was to buy fabric. Jackson, OH, has a unique discount clearance store called Guhl's. Fabric is drastically reduced, and they draw lots of quilters from all over. I spent $25 and got 6.5 yards. At full price, $25 would get you little more than 2 yards, so I know I did well. *smiling!*

 Ten fat quarters in a pleasing array of colors. I never could resist a pile of fat quarters.

Two 2-yard cuts of neutrals. They are actually the same design in different colorways. One is gray on gray; one is navy on cream. One always needs neutrals, and I seem to use mine up, so it seemed wise to restock.

That little bit of retail therapy satisfied my fabric appetite, and I didn't stretch the purse strings too terribly far.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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