Sunday, April 12, 2015

What We Learned and What We Did -- Canter's Cave Retreat

I shared most of what we made in the previous post, but I did overlook a couple of projects.

 Terry took a Jelly Roll of Josephine by French General and made this Jelly Roll Race quilt top. Who doesn't go crazy for French General?

Susan made additional matching square for her church young'ns. Won't these be fun games to play?

I alluded to the heightened interest in learning the intricacies of paper piecing in the previous post. Here are some pictures to underscore this. There were lessons and practicing and beautiful results all over.

Here is Laura (stripes) teaching Sharon (standing) and Sheryll (white) her proven methods of paper piecing. Laura does gorgeous work and is a patient and thorough teacher.

Laura uses a vintage Featherweight machine - it runs like a dream! She was cranking out oodles of blocks on this little gem all week long.

 This blue and cream block will be stunning when it goes together with all its mates. The precision and intricate work on this is incredible.
See what I mean? It will be lovely.

There was quite a production line set up at Laura's table; not only was she teaching others and cranking out her own gorgeous blocks, but she was disc jockey, as well, so her laptop was beside her with lots of oldies on the playlist for singing along. (Yes, we sang along; some more vociferously than others, at times.)

Laura had this autumn/Halloween top mostly done before coming to the retreat; however, I think she may have added one or two more rows while we were together.

 This is what the back looks like. Isn't it amazing  how paper-piecing works?

To get started with projects this small, one needs to cut a big ol' pile of 3/4" strips. It looks like a pile of scraps headed for the waste basket, but, no, this is what Sheryll cut for her projects.

 Sheryll's pattern. Definitely gorgeous, but my goodness, how long it will take to make!

The patterns all need to be copied. Sheryll came to the retreat expecting to learn this method, so she had all her patterns prepped and ready.

Two of Sheryll's blocks; I don't know how many she ended up finishing. She will have an update at some point, so I will try to keep up!

We did plenty of other stuff, too. Here are some random pictures of various projects in the works.

Blocks Sheryll was working on prior to her paper-piecing lesson.

More 9-patches from JoAnn.
Cranking out panels from Jan.
Terry's long, long tails as she's getting started on her Jelly Roll quilt.

Sharon's ever-growing collection of stars. What variety!

I think I will take one or two more posts to fill you in on the remaining fun of our Canter's Cave retreat. You'll probably be tired of hearing about it by then. I need to tell you about the food and the shopping. Does that tempt you to come back???

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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