Monday, April 6, 2015

Sewing For My Sister

Rarely do I get any requests from my sister Carol for sewing services. But a couple of months ago she asked if I could make her something that she wears a lot - bibs or dickies. These are those "fillers" women wear inside a low-cut V-neck sweater or blouse. Some women wear them for the sake of modesty; others wear them because it gives the appearance of wearing layers when, in fact, they are not. Women of a certain age know all too well the excruciating heat we experience from wearing too many layers!

So I made a pattern from the one she was wearing that very day. We were at our mother's house, and all we could find was a piece of poster board. This became my pattern.

I selected three really pretty fabrics from my stash that I thought would compliment a woman's already-existing blouse and sweater wardrobe. This one is navy and white; the other two are more neutral - one predominantly gray, the other predominantly beige.

Then I made my big mistake. I stitched the straps to the bottom instead of the top. Duh. What was I thinking? Apparently, I wasn't thinking. I didn't even realize my error until I'd handed them over to her yesterday at our Easter dinner. She was very pleased with my fabric selections and colors, but we had a good laugh at my upside-down bibs. She pocketed them anyway, and says she can fix them. All's well in the end, then, but boy did I feel like a doofus!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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