Thursday, July 23, 2015

Annette's Progress

One of my beginning quilting students from last Thursday posted a picture on Facebook yesterday that is worthy of my entire post today. Annette came into our sewing session last week as a confident beginner, so it does not surprise me in the least that she has made a second pillow on her own.

This is a teacher's dream - to see a beginner understand the basic concepts well enough to apply them later with changes to suit her own purposes. I'm sure you see the way she switched the placement of the blocks. Her first pillow is on the left; she created the second pillow completely on her own. Fantastic! Another quilter is born?? Maybe? Click here to read about the class.

Annette says she will return for a second class, and I am considering options for what to teach. My original thought was to do a bag - call it a back-to-school bag, which would appeal to my teacher friends. Alternative suggestions have been a baby quilt and a table runner. Those are both very doable options. Before that, though, I am going to offer the pillow class again because several gals said they wanted to come, but had conflicting plans.

Way to go, Annette!! Don't stop!

 Happy Quilting, Friends!

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