Saturday, July 11, 2015

Beginning Sewing Class

I have finally worked out the details of the beginning sewing/quilting class I am offering. I admit to having a fair amount of trepidation at doing this, but really I ought not. I am a teacher - this just happens to be a very different subject than the material I covered in my English and composition classes. Besides, I know piano teachers, guitar teachers, voice teachers, art teachers - all these folks offer instruction, so so why wouldn't a quilter? I think this is a skill people want to learn.

So we shall see.

The day-long lesson will be to make a 16-inch pillow like this. I have made 3 of them this week, and I am confident that any beginner will be able to complete it without difficulty. I will take students through cutting, chain-piecing, pressing and ultimate construction of the pillow. While this pillow is done with a closed back (below), the method I will teach is an envelope back which will allow for ease of inserting the pillow form.

Class is scheduled for next Thursday, and I will be sure to report how everything goes.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Is there any quilting on that pillow? It is really pretty. So glad you are including the envelope opening. I love to be able to change out my pillows.

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  3. You are quite observant, CathieJ! There is not any quilting on the pillow. I will be sure to inform my students of the distinction between the technical definition of quilting and the overall category of quilting. This class will not include the actual quilting of the pillow top; I will be sure to show them what one would look like if quilted. Thanks for alerting me to one more bit of information I must share.


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