Friday, July 10, 2015

Many Irons in the Fire

One of the wonders of being retired is that one can do as much or as little as one wants. I seem to be of the "let's do more" philosophy lately, thus my title - I've currently got several irons in the fire.

I will begin today's post by showing you my newly finished chair. I picked up some upholstery tacks - copper, no less! - and put the necessary pieces back together with DH's help. I am very pleased with the results.

And now for the new iron in the fire. In March, when I taught beginning quilting at the local art space called Spark!, I was approached by some ladies who for whatever reason could not attend. They were interested in learning the basics, and wanted me to offer another class. Well, instead of doing it through Spark!, I am doing it here at my home. I will offer seating for 5 or 6;  students will bring their sewing machines and we will sew all day together. The goal will be to learn some basics of sewing and quilting, and also go home with a finished project. The first class will be next week, and we will be making a pillow.

I am still working out details and making samples. Here is a pillow front for an 18"pillow.

And below is a pillow front for a 14" pillow. I want to show them several different sizes and color combinations. I may do one more that would yield a 16" pillow, maybe in Christmas fabrics, just for diversity.

Never a dull moment! I am planning 5 classes, and each one will result in a different project. Several expressed interest in making bags or purses; others wanted to try a wall hanging or table runner. So we have lots of fun in store. It's exciting!!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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