Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fun Class

The beginner's sewing/quilting class I held on Thursday was loads of fun, and in my humble opinion, a huge success. I had only two students, but for the first time around, I think that was about all I could have handled. I learned a few things for next time, and will be able to handle a few more students when I give it another try.

And I will say here that in the technical sense, this was more a beginning piecing class than a quilting class. As we actually did no quilting stitches at all, and did learn the basics of chain piecing, that is a more accurate depiction. We also learned about rotary cutters, rulers, mats, consistent quarter-inch seams, and pressing vs. ironing. What a lot!

Here are the pillows that my inaugural students went home with. First, Annette used these gorgeous sand and blue colors to create a "beachy" feel. After just returning from a vacation in Florida, I think she might still be in beach mode.

Sandy's pillow, below, has a romantic and feminine look. We had to do some finagling to get Sandy's together just right, but in the end it turned out beautifully.

As an instructor, I need to remember to find out just how "beginning" everyone is - while some people think they are beginners, in fact, they may be more skilled than they realize. If anything, they are more reluctant or unsure than novice. I hope the girls had a good time, and felt productive. I sure had an awesome day, and wonder why I haven't done this sooner!

I will be planning future classes, for sure. I have sizable list of names of people who wanted to come Thursday, but couldn't schedule it. Doing another makes sense, and after all, practice makes perfect.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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