Monday, July 20, 2015

Sewing with Friends (part 2)

I was having such a difficult time getting my internet to work efficiently on the previous post, so I just quit after showing you the work that Jan and Susan did when we sewed last week at Terry's.

Mary, that same Mary at the Grove City Barn I've written about a few times, attended on Tuesday. She was making great progress on this wonderful kit in just the one day.

Just look at the great colors in this quilt - so subtle and calming. I think everyone was taken with the fabrics and colors from the very start.

Even Terry's sweet little Maddie wanted to show us how much she loved it, too. Of all the floor space, dog cushions and sofas and chairs, Maddie picked this spot to take her nap.

And this next picture showed up on a Facebook post from Mary last evening. Finished! What a fabulous quilt!

Several others sewed at Terry's - Sheryll, JoAnn, Laura, myself and, of course, Terry. I regret that I cannot share the work that Laura, JoAnn and Terry did - I didn't take any pictures! Shame!

I can, however, share the progress that Sheryll is making on a UFO. This applique quilt was a kit, and she is currently working on quilting it. You, no doubt, have noticed the hoop in the upper right quadrant.

My own work was divided over two projects.

  I have come so close to finishing this little wall hanging/table topper made with the cutaway portion of some recent flying geese units. I had to cut extra little squares and make more HSTs to finish it off. Well, I had them all sewn together, and - sigh - I found that I wasn't as exact as I needed to be, and they were too big. I spent an hour 'unsewing' and am going to trim them down, resew, and hopefully get this piece finished. Follow-ups forthcoming.

My other work was on the second of the work shirt quilts. I made the first one using a Brick Path pattern. This second one is a Rail Fence pattern. Since I am making this up as I go, time will tell when I think this one is finished. I am guessing it's about halfway there, perhaps. We shall see.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. love the quilt show. scrappy is my style and the soft muted grays are so pretty to set off the others


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