Friday, July 24, 2015

Work Shirt Quilts

I'm a dawdler. I have an uncanny knack for turning some of the simplest, most straightforward tasks into long, drawn-out projects. Case in point, the two quilts I've been working on for my high school friend using her husband's work shirts. I picked the shirts up in June - probably around the 10th or 15th. I worked on the Brick Path quilt at Quilt Camp during the last week of June. I have taken nearly an entire month to finally finish the second quilt, Rail Fence.

Here, I have both quilts draped over the little bench out on the front sidewalk. Both have been enjoyable to work on; my own dear dad was a farmer and I have thought a lot about him as I worked to turn these shirts into quilts.

This Rail Fence quilt, obviously, was a bit more involved than the first. Those individual blocks have more stitching which required more cutting and more matching and more pinning. I also used two pockets in this one, just like I did on Brick Path.

And just because it's been awhile, I will show you Brick Path. I recently purchased some flannel to use for backing, and I hope to have them off to be quilted early next week.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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