Monday, July 6, 2015

Contagion and Addiction

Those are terribly alarming words to use for a quilting post title, but allowing myself to experiment with English Paper Piecing is nothing short of an addiction or being exposed to a contagious germ. The possibilities for beautiful blocks and infinite variety abounds. I fear I will, indeed, succumb to the allure of them. Even the packaging comes with a warning.

The block I have just finished is called a Lucy Boston block or Patchwork of the Crosses - better known as POTC by those firmly established in English Paper Piecing circles.

Placed this way, on point, the cross is clearly evident. I assume as I do more of these, I will get faster. Finishing this first one was quite a bit more time-consuming than I hope future ones will take. In other words, I hope there's a learning curve as I practice.

Placing the block square on a quilt offers an equally lovely look, but the cross is not quite so evident. I think depending on the design one makes with the fussy-cut fabrics, one or the other placement would be preferable; and the quilter will just know when she sees it, I suppose.

I find that I am in that all-too-familiar place where I have so many projects vying for my attention that I am not dealing with any of them. When this occurs, I make a list. In no particular order, I have the following projects to work on.

1, 2, and 3. The Work Shirt Quilts (yes, a third has been added)
4. July UFO - 16-patch blocks
5. June UFO - Heart Wall Hanging
6. May UFO - 9-patch Strippy
7. Borders on the Blue Churn Dash
8. Begin red & white quilt project with Sharon
9. Finish Snowbird Triangles
10. Sewing Supplies Carry-All
11. Reupholster Kitchen Chair
12. More POTC blocks

There's just never enough to do.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I have watched several people making these on the Inklingo Facebook page but have no urge to try. Perhaps it is the "cross" aspect of it, not a favorite motif in my crowd. Yours look very good, can't wait to see more.
    I made a very nice list in January. Looking at it today I realize that none of the projects I am currently working on are listed. Hmm, not much good if I don't keep it updated.


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