Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Has Arrived

Incredibly, we are turning the calendar to a new month again. I don't like to think about how time goes so fast.

June's goals were somewhat derailed by the death of my dear grandma. I now have even more reminders of her scattered about my house -- her love of cardinals -- her love of quilting -- her love of family -- several mementos now grace some nooks and crannies in my home, and I am reminded of her often.

So on we go, into the latter half of 2015! I have one of my work shirt quilt tops finished, and have a good start on the second. Pictures will be coming soon. I need to make a list of UFOs needing completion. In addition to those specific to our UFO challenge, I have amasssed others, as well.

I thought I would start the new month with an update from my friend and former student, Amie. She is the one who made a request for fabric scraps and became inundated with fabric from all corners of the country. Here is the post explaining all of that.

Amie has worked sporadically on finishing her postage stamp quilt because she has other projects in the queue like the baby quilt you see above. Isn't it darling? Some sweet baby will love it. Amie sent the following update last week (slightly edited):

I had pretty much stopped getting fabric in the mail.  I think I received one envelope right before we left (for a family trip) on (May) 30th.   But then over the last two weeks I have received probably 8 or 9 packages.  One of those was from a lady that has become a pen pal but she always puts a few pieces in. I started piecing blocks again and I only need 7 more!  If I hadn't had a few other projects thrown into my lap, I would have had all the blocks finished I'm sure. But that's okay.  

I am planning on sending GRIT an email to hopefully put in their "letters to the editor column", thanking everyone for their responses and letting them know I really don't need any more fabric.  We just got the latest issue and someone requested fabric for making yo-yo's.  I'm going to send her a package and warn her of what might be coming her way.  I have now filled a third, very large container.  

On Father's Day, I showed mom and my sister all the scraps and told them to pick out  a scrap pattern and we can all get together and sew from my bins.  I bought supplies to start my scrapbook of letters and pictures but haven't been able to get it started yet.  It's on my summer to-do list but keeps getting bumped.

Every time I read about Amie's experience, I just think of how heartwarming it is that quilters are so giving. I will definitely bring pictures of Amie's postage stamp quilt as she nears completion.

Have a great July, and
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Lovely sailboat quilt, so much fun. Glad to hear the postage stamp quilt is coming along. It's wonderful how giving quilters are, but maybe a little overwhelming.


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