Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sewing With Friends

What do quilter's do when one's husband is out of town? We gather at her house and sew all day long, and all night too, if we like. Terry's husband was away, so she scheduled some sewing days last week. I went just for day time sewing, but a couple of gals stayed over, and sewed late into night.

You will never guess what Jan has gotten into. She swore she wouldn't begin another English Paper Piecing project for a very long time, but my growing interest as well as Sharon P's. and others' - well she was unable to resist. (Remember the post awhile back entitled  Contagion and Addiction?) So here is her latest undertaking.

Jan refers to the prep work on these kinds of projects "idiot's delight." She says that any crazy lady can sit and cut out all these bits of fabric, glue them to the cardboard template, and then place them on paper with two-sided tape. She preps the entire quilt like this and then proceeds to stitch. What a job! But I am loving how her mock-ups are looking, and believe me, she has done a lot more than just what I've shown here. Jan truly gets stuff done. 

Susan will soon become a first-time grandmother, so she has babies on her mind. She began a quilt that will stay at Gramma's house for when Baby is with her. The pattern is Baby's Not Blue from a recent Quilter's World magazine.

Susan cut this out on Tuesday and was busy sewing on Wednesday. This is what she had constructed at one point, and I am sure she has probably finished the top by now.

I have pictures of several other projects including my own, but I need to get this posted and move on to other endeavors today. I will bring you more tomorrow!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. What a fun and creative way to spend your days with friends! I love the idea of having a "sleepover" just for quilting.


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