Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Quilting Goal

What is it about humans that setting goals works so well? We make New Year's Resolutions. We begin that diet on Monday. (Well, maybe those don't work so well.) Quilters have UFO Challenges, and even though the chances of my getting through my entire list for this year's challenge is somewhere between slim and none, I still got several things finished that I would otherwise have ignored.

I wouldn't have gone into all that business if I didn't have a goal.  For the month of November I have  pledged to sit at my quilting frame and work on the 6-pointed star quilt for at least an hour every day. So far, we are 4 days in and I'm 100% on that goal. My callouses are returning, but aren't too sore.

 I'm not doing anything elaborate with my quilting. I decided I would simply outline each shape and be done with it. I put this quilt in the frame sometime back around the beginning of October and took it to work on at History Day in Greenfield. I have not touched it since, sadly. This is why I needed to set a goal for myself. 
 When I am finished each day, I load up three or four needles to be ready to go when I sit down to work the following day. I can usually quilt this amount in an hour's time, so it also helps to keep me going.

Other than this hour of quilting each day, my work has consisted of getting the last of the bazaar sewing done. I will have a bit more sewing to do today, and then it's time to pull everything together and get the car loaded up. Set up is Friday evening.

Have you put of voting in the Bloggers' Quilt Festival? Today is the last day, so if  you've not taken the time to check out all the entries, time is running out! I would love it if you'd give a little love to my Long Road Home quilt in the Hand Quilted Category. This is what it looks like. Thanks for voting!

Have a great Thursday!
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Your hand quilting is beautiful and congratulations on keeping up with your goal to work on that amazing quilt. My goal on starting a diet on Monday is a Monday I will start! :O) Love your entry in the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

  2. I in awe of your commitment. I haven't touched my hand quilting for over a year. I guess I need to make it a goal.

  3. Such beautiful quilting stitches! I find threading a bunch of needles helps me quilt longer. Looks wonderful so far!

  4. Do you know where I can get the piecing pattern for this beautiful scrappy quilt?

  5. Oh how I admire your straight quilted lines along those seams. I've never quilted along the edges like that but I'm trying it with a quilt now. My first go was a little wavy but I think (maybe) I'm going to leave it so I can see my improvement by the end of the quilt. It's hard for me to feel the quarter-inch seam inside and I don't yet have my mind set to it. I hope I'll get better.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. lovely work. Where did you get your frame? I would love to do some hand quilting properly but don't know where to look. Seems like a small frame would not be sensible. Thanks


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