Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, Dear Readers! I have so many blessing for which I am grateful. I have been reflecting on those blessings and giving thanks.

I have had some diverse fun the past few days. On Tuesday evening I went with 6 family members to Cincinnati to see White Christmas The Musical at the Aronoff Center.
The show was fantastic. The costumes, the singing and especially the dancing - all were exceptional. This show was a treat in every way. As my sister said, "Best night ever!" We all had a wonderful time.

The sweet twins, my nieces Anna Rose and Mary Jean, attended with us. Aren't they growing? They are now 8-year-old second graders.

 A very cool opportunity to support our servicemen and women was available to us at the Aronoff. Guests were invited to sign cards which were collected and will be delivered to deployed military around the world. The girls sent their sweet sentiments, as did the rest of us. Talk about blessing - I am grateful to our military, for sure.

We also had to get a picture of the twins with their Grandma Jeannie. If you want to take in a show at the Aronoff, I suggest you allow time to dine at Trattoria Roma which is just a half a block away and easy walking distance from the theatre. We had a wonderful meal - from wine and appetizers to entrees and dessert.

All of this festivity resulted in my staying the night in Hillsboro at my mother's. I thought you'd enjoy seeing the beautiful flowers blooming in her sun room. Many, many healthy African violets and a whopping Christmas cactus that is just beginning to come into bloom. By Christmas it will be full of bright red flowers.

Through all of this, we are cat sitting for our older daughter while she and her husband spend the long Thanksgiving weekend at her in-laws'.

He's such a handsome kitty. He loves coming here as he has space in which to roam after being limited to his 1-bedroom apartment in Columbus.

I have done minimal sewing, but a finish was accomplished. I will share that soon, as well as some fun projects from the Frankfort girls.

Wishing you all a most blessed Thanksgiving!

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  1. how awesome to see the musical. and that kitty is indeed a handsome dude. Cant let my Phoebe see him. she may decide to run off! LOL
    thanks for the flower show as well. hope your thanksgiving was great


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