Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Class In Session

Claudia was over yesterday for another sewing lesson and she brought along a friend, Denise, who has some experience with sewing and quilting, but was interested in the project we were to be working on.

The project? Using the 60-degree ruler to make table runners out of border print fabric. Fun and fast, if you've ever done them before. Really a good project for a day-long class because the students get to go home with a total finish, and by using all the excess in additional smaller projects, they get comfortable with the technique. Here are pictures of the day's activities.

First, let me take care of old business by showing you Claudia's new sewing machine. Isn't she a beauty??! I have sewing machine envy. I love the bling on the front, and she sure does hum along so smoothly and quietly when she sews. What a great buy! I recommended that she shop at Old Town Fabrics in Chillicothe, and she did! Hooray for shopping locally and supporting our small businesses!

Now on to the fabulous finishes.

Claudia's nice big table runner - totally completed and totally matched on those seams. What a great job!

Denise's table runner is even bigger - she has a gigantic table. This was tricky because we wanted the words to face outward on each side. It took some figuring, but we managed it.

We just kept on sewing and before long we had not only table runners, but these centerpiece mats, as well. And there in the top right corner you see a stack of mug rugs that Denise stitched up in a frenzy of productivity. She really did make the most of her fabric. Claudia has the technique pretty well under control, as well, but as a newby, she was more careful and deliberate in her stitching. Her plan is to use the remaining border fabric in as many smaller pieces as she can - on her own.

Our intention was to finish Claudia's Mondo Bag, but that never happened. So we have scheduled a day in early December to take care of that. Denise will come back to join us. I have several Mondo patterns ordered which I will have by then (I hope!) and we will just keep on stitching. I can foresee Christmas gifts resulting in this endeavor!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Where can I find the pattern to The Long Road Home quilt?


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