Monday, November 16, 2015


In all that reviewing I did in yesterday's post, I forgot to include one very special quilt.

Kay is hand quilting this 9-patch quilt that has a very cool story. The woman who owned this fabric (and maybe made the 9-patch blocks) passed away several years ago. Kay was a good friend of this lady and her family. One daughter, Judy, wanted a quilt finished in honor of her mother. Kay made the quilt and promised to hand-quilt it, as well. She has been working on it for a good while. I remember her taking it to Hilton Head last September, as well as quilt camp in '14. She has to be near-finished by now, but I didn't think to ask. (I don't make a living as a reporter, obviously.)

Well, even with the sketchy details, it is worth taking time to recognize it. Kay's efforts on this quilt are in keeping with a theme that has been present in recent posts. How often we quilters do things in memory of lost loved ones. Two recent examples of my own are the work shirt quilts for Kathy and the t-shirt quilt for Debbie. Quilts continue to be more than just "blankets." Often they represent so very much more.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Kay is such a special person to do that. beautiful quilt.


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