Sunday, November 22, 2015

Neptune Border Solution

I was in a quandary about how to finish the borders on the race quilt I made Tuesday when Sharon was here. I had mis-remembered something, which, after investigating a bit, I have finally straightened out - and that is all great, because my border solution was buried in the solution.

First, the race quilt - this is what I stitched Tuesday afternoon from the leftovers of a Neptune jelly roll.


While I worked on this, I mentioned just in passing to Sharon that I had won the jelly roll in a Schnibbles give-away 4 or 5 years ago. Nothing more was said about that, but the thought occurred to me that I surely must have blogged about it, so later in the week I went back through the archives of this blog and found the post about the give-away. Click here to read it. The coolest part is that I won a charm pack, not a jelly roll. So that meant that I still had the charm pack, and consequently, fabrics for making a border for my race quilt! Yay for poor memories!!

Putting all the pieces together, then, I suspect that I bought the jelly roll to go with the charm pack, anticipating the need to have more than just a charm pack for whatever future project might come. And that purchase was long enough ago that I have completely forgetten when or where I bought it.

Mystery solved. And borders forthcoming. Win!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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