Monday, November 2, 2015

Repurposing Tin Cans

Wasting stuff sorta' bugs me sometimes, and I have recently discovered a way to repurpose tin cans. Keeping this sort of waste from the landfill is a good thing, wouldn't you agree?

Since I've been teaching some sewing and quilting classes these few months, I have needed something for students to use for threads and bits of fabric, etc. when sewing. I was using plain tin cans, but decided that it'd be a lot more fun if they were given the glam treatment. Take a look at my pretty results.

These are whopper cans - those big ones that hold institutional-size products. I believe these held baked beans used back in July when we had the fraternity reunion.

The supplies needed besides the can, are fabric and spray adhesive.

Here is how I did it. I measured the circumference and the height. These cans are 7" tall, and I can't remember what the circumference is. But I added about an inch, so that I could fold under the raw edge and have a slight overlap.

I ironed under a quarter-inch hem on the top and two short sides. Then I wrapped it around the can and finger-pressed a crease around the base of the can. This created enough of an indentation that I could return the fabric to the ironing board and see my marks easily to iron the bottom to the correct size. Then I went to a makeshift gluing station. I spread paper out on the floor and used a piece of cardboard to protect spray from going every which way. (Yes, I know this spray is supposed to be used in well-ventilated spaces; my spraying was so minimal that I knew I could handle it. And I did. No ill effects.)

After a thorough spray, I applied it to the can. I was careful to get it straight. This took some time, but it wasn't hard.

I just love them!Waste cans don't have to be boring. These look like jewels sitting on the tables. Everything is prettier with a bit of Westminster Fabrics. I liked these so much that I have covered two more - shorter ones and of course they are just as colorful.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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