Sunday, November 8, 2015

Craft Show Wrap Up

Yesterday was the holiday bazaar/craft show in which I participated. It was well-attended, and I sold some stuff. Yeah! It was pretty cool, too! I have mentioned in previous posts that I have very little confidence and experience with sales and marketing; consequently, I was feeling quite unsure of myself in this venture. As it turns out I did a pretty good job of having ample merchandise; I went into the day with a positive attitude; all in all, I had a fun day.

My space was first inside the door, so I greeted visitors as they entered. That was fun as I saw lots of folks I knew and hadn't seen lately. It's always nice to visit.

I sold all the kitchen towels there on the corner of the table. I sold several of the fabric post cards. From about a year and a half ago I had a couple dozen chap stick holders, so I put those out and sold every single one of them. That surprised me. A few of the mug mats sold, but I expected they'd go better.

It's just really hard to know what is going to sell. No quilts, but I had some definite interest. Those people took my card, so maybe there will be a sale in the future. None of the pillows sold, which I 'd sorta' thought they would appeal.

Now that the bazaar is over, I will direct my attention to the t-shirt quilt I need to be finishing. It will hopefully go to the quilter on Tuesday.

This next week will have some fun sewing days. On Tuesday, Terry is having the girls in for a day of stitching and on Wednesday, we have our annual Veterans' Day sewing at Sherrie's. FUN!! I would love to start a new project, and I have several options swirling around in my head. Stay tuned.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Jayne, it sounds like you had a fun day as well as a successful one! It was interesting to read about what sold and what didn't. It would be nice to know beforehand what was trending.

  2. I have sold at bazaars in the past and it is impossible to know what will be a hit. One year my mother-in-law joined me with what I thought were hideous ornaments and every single one sold. Go figure. One year I brought along last year's duds and sold out of them in no time. I'm so glad you had a good day. I hope some of your quilts sell.

  3. Congrats on doing so well at the craft show, Jayne. Your booth looks very inviting. I think it must always hard to know what will sell, and it's interesting that you had some things that hadn't sold before, like the chapstick holders, but sold this year. Maybe what didn't sell this year will be popular next year.


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